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How To Purchase The Right Guitar So You Love Learning And Don’t Quit Are you just getting started out playing guitar and you’re not sure what kind of guitar is right for you? There are so many options out there it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed. Read this article to help narrow your options down considerably, and know how to move forward to find the guitar for you!

5 Tips To Practice Like A Pro Most guitarists don’t know the first thing about how to practice effectively, and many end up quitting when they don’t see the results they think they should be getting! Unfortunately, not many teachers know how to instruct on the topic, either. Read this article to get some quick tips you can implement today to massively improve the efficacy of your own practicing!

How “Natural Talent” Stops Most Guitar Players From Reaching Their Potential, And How You Can Avoid The Trap Are you worried that you aren’t talented enough to reach your guitar playing goals? An awful lot of people feel that way, and believe that the guitar is something you are either naturally good at or not. This is nonsense, and it is killing your potential! Read this article to learn more about “natural talent” and what it takes to be great at guitar!

How Playing Your Guitar Is Stopping You From Getting Better Do you know the difference between “playing” your guitar and “practicing” it? Most people don’t, and because of that their reward for countless hours of work is only frustration when they don’t get any better. Read this article to learn the difference so you can start getting real results!

Five Metronome Mistakes That Kill Your Guitar Playing Do you wonder what on earth the metronome is for? Have you been using it already but you’re hitting walls with your speed and technique? Many players realize that the metronome is a powerful tool for building their chops, but they have no idea how to use it! Read this article to learn about five common mistakes so you can avoid them and start getting MUCH better results in your practicing!